Grassroots work is foundational to the mission of Kindred Wellness and is the epitome of Shawna’s liberation-focused healing framework in action. From healing circles, curricula, learning communities and a directory for community care, radical imagination is kindled and movement work is fortified.

Kindred Wellness offers 4 community healing initiatives: Therapy That Liberates, Healing BMore Activists, Sista SoulQuest and The #HealASista Project.


Therapy That Liberates



Community Growth Talks were created to support Black folk in remembering how to heal themselves by raising critical consciousness and teaching original healing ways. Workshops and candid conversations are held to allow safe space for struggling with challenges unique to the Black community with a goal to instill a spirit of reimagining and reclaiming community care. We understand that true liberation means a shift in who makes the decisions about what healing should look like.



Decolonizing Therapy for Black Folks is a professional training intensive, for mental health practitioners, community healers and spiritual leaders across the country.  The training holds space for exploring emancipatory healing in the therapy space. Participants in this intensive analyze the impact of systemic oppression in the maintenance of helping professions, explore the Liberation-Focused Healing framework and contend with the process of “locating oneself” in the mental health sector.  


A Directory and Community of Practitioners

All practitioners that complete this training are invited to contribute and be held accountable within a network and learning community. Those who commit to ongoing growth and connection are featured in a growing Directory to make gaining access to Therapy that Liberates easy.

Shawna Murray-Browne has created a course that has so much to offer as she blends potent historical data, an incisive and thoughtful critique of the institution of psychotherapy, exposure to black theorists, communities and activists with their healing rituals and possibilities. The heart of this course is her Liberation Focused Healing Framework which goes beyond critique of dominant psychotherapy models and methods to point the white therapist in the direction of self-reflection and anti-racist practices that question the very nature of psychotherapy as many of us understand it. She does this with wisdom, humor, clarity, forcefulness, and frankness as she instructs us not to "follow her" but to grapple with the ideas and practices she offers and to reflect on ourselves as white therapists.”

Michele Bograd, Ph.D.

Healing Baltimore Activists


A Liberation-Focused Healing Circle initiative and curriculum for BIPOC Changemakers. The curriculum-based initiative centers the teaching of ancient and modern day contemplative practices, the exploration of gendered racism, race-based trauma, racial battle fatigue and the collective healing of other traumas specific to activists of color, in an effort cultivate grassroots community and illuminate holistic mental wellness.

This program has provided one of the most important experiences that I have ever had. There are a lot of times that activists have conversations about our issues, however, what's often absent from these conversations are people who are trained to deal with trauma and other emotional and psychological issues. Healing BMore Activists is an important part of the ecosystem of community empowerment that is happening in Baltimore. It gives people like me an opportunity to build a community of self care with people who have committed themselves to the empowerment of our community.”

Dayvon Love, Leaders of a Beautiful Struggle

Sista SoulQuest


Sista SoulQuest is a multi-generational sister circle initiative and curriculum for girls of African descent (grade 4 and up). The initiative cultivates safe space to strengthen familial bonds, develop social responsibility and Black cultural pride, while centering the development of each child’s comfort in the use of contemplative mind-body medicine. Healing circles have been held in Baltimore City, MD: Greene Street Academy, Matthew Henson Elementary/Middle school, the Park Heights Community Health Alliance and as a city-wide initiative initiated by local parents. The curriculum outlines weekly healing circles, quarterly multi-generational mini-retreats and eco-therapeutic trips.

The #HealASista Project


A sacred community initiative for Black women who seek to ignite self-love, desire genuine connection and are committed to creating a lifestyle that heals themselves, their families and their future generations.

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